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1  Disipliner / Andre / Re: Systema i Norge on: 03.10.18 at 11:35:55
Sjelden sjanse til å trene med ekte mester og en av grunnleggerne av moderne Systema.

2  Disipliner / Andre / Re: Systema i Norge on: 02.05.18 at 08:21:47
Hi, we will host 4 outdoors workshops during the summer:

3. July 2018, 18h, CHAIN & STICK (movement and force dispersing)
17. July 2018, 18h, STRIKES & KICKS (force absorption, delivering and taking)
7. August 2018, 18h, KNIFE (awarenes, distance, defense, disarming principles)
16. August 2018, 18h, KNIFE IN A FIGHT (offensive usage, resistance pressure testing, dueling)

Price kr.200 per seminar
Every psycho-physically healthy 18+ person no matter martial arts experience is welcome to join.
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/QcjTSD9hp562 Grass field below NIH, where Snøparken is during the winter
Instructor: http://systema-oslo.com/instructor.html

Outdoor seminar note: In case of heavy rainfall might be moved day before of after. Follow event notifications on FB to know. If you don't use FB communicate in other way, be creative, find us.
Link to list of these events on FB: Systema Oslo summer workshops

3  Disipliner / Andre / Re: Systema i Norge on: 31.10.16 at 10:09:00

Invitation to seminar with senior Systema instructor Kwan Lee in Oslo, 3-4 December 2016

Our intention is to get to know more about specific Systema exercises for developing strength, flexibility and fighting potential. After that Kwan will teach how those abilities fit in close quarters combat, restricted and confined space.
Kwan Lee is one of the top Systema instructors in North America, long years student of Vladimir Vasiliev and senior instructor.

- Systema strength and flexibility, developing abilities
- Confined space work (hand to hand and knife), putting abilities to work

In 2001, Kwan became certified to teach Systema by the founders Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko and is considered by them as “one of the top instructors of Systema” in the US.

Full information and registration is available at Registration form page

All interested (18+ and average health/fitness condition) no matter the previous MA history are welcome to take part in the seminar.
4  Disipliner / Andre / Sneaky knife attacks and combat trauma treatment on: 12.08.16 at 14:38:56
"Sneaky knife attacks and combat trauma treatment" - 1 day workshop

Very seldom martial arts training cover Første Hjelp training. Workshop on Saturday 27. August will be combination of knife self defense and first aid.

Plan is to cover some scenarios of sneaky surprising knife attacks, and saving people who have been cut. We will work with professional grade CAT tourniquets and improvise with belts, rubber bands...

More info can be found on our website http://systema-oslo.com

Event is open to anyone interested
5  Disipliner / Andre / Re: Systema i Norge on: 21.02.16 at 00:06:27
Hei alle

I have information to share on couple of following Systema events

12-13 March https://www.facebook.com/events/1027005074007757/
7-8 May (8 May FREE for ladies, open for all genders) https://www.facebook.com/events/220323138316066/
4-5 Jun  https://www.facebook.com/events/938966226152790/

6  Disipliner / Andre / Re: Systema i Norge on: 13.11.15 at 14:04:16
Hei alle

We will host course on Systema Strikes, on 5.December. If anybody is curious, event is open for everybody. The details are here or on Facebook event

7  Disipliner / Andre / Re: Systema i Norge on: 20.09.15 at 17:53:26
Hei alle

We will host course on improvised weapons and using clothes for self defence as it is trained in Systema, on 24.October. If anybody is curious, event is open for everybody. The details are here or on Facebook event

Video from one of previous similar courses

8  Disipliner / Andre / Re: Systema i Norge on: 02.08.15 at 23:14:04
May 2016, fikset. Takk apefisk!
9  Disipliner / Andre / Re: Systema i Norge on: 02.08.15 at 10:55:44
Nye sesong og tidlig seminar kunngjøring.

In May 2016 we will host senior instructor Maxim Franz from Vladimir Vasiliev's Systema Headquarters. All information will be updated in this Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/905571319477894/ and on our website.

For interested people, new season of trainings on Majorstuen starts on 17th August. More information about joining is here https://www.facebook.com/notes/systema-oslo-1/det-eneste-stedet-i-oslo-der/487579881395022

Best regards!
10  Disipliner / Andre / Re: Systema i Norge on: 24.03.15 at 22:52:52
Bit more work by same instructor, teaching this weekend 28-29 March in Oslo

11  Disipliner / Andre / Systema seminar med Sonny Puzikas on: 21.02.15 at 16:48:36
Open invitation to Systema seminar with world famous instructor Sonny Puzikas.

In 2014 we learned about movement, form, distance, staying movable while staying in contact, methodology: progressing towards application, motivation and own progress. We had fun, and Sonny shared some of his vast experience. Next visit is scheduled for end of March 2015. Follow www.systema-oslo.com or our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/systemaoslo

Short preview of previous training with Sonny

12  Generelt / Diverse / Re: Treningslokaler i Oslo sentrum on: 20.12.14 at 20:44:19
Hei alle,

We (http://systema-oslo.com/) are also looking for training place to rent. 1.5h x 2 per week, not to big (for approx 20 ppl). If anybody has any info to share, please do.

God Jul!
13  Disipliner / Andre / Seminar: Ground fighting in Systema on: 01.09.14 at 11:42:29
Open invitation to all interested

Seminar: Ground fighting in Systema

"If you cannot survive on the ground, you are not safe no matter what, how hard and how dedicated you train! Very often, self defense situations lead us down there.
MMA coach and Systema Instructor in training Ivo Žižek will share his perspective and experience in fighting on the ground.
You will learn about mounts, chokes, locks, bars, cranks, escapes and Systema principles applied."

Participation: kr. 800 both days / kr. 500 one day
For payment info email systema.oslo@gmail.com

More info https://www.facebook.com/events/221410668068348/
14  Disipliner / Andre / Systema Challenge 1 (free workshop) on: 28.08.14 at 16:15:15
Open invitation to anybody interested. Sunday will be combination of physical challenge, long lasting breathing exercise and self defense workshop. No previous experience required, just good will and good will :-)

Event is FREE OF CHARGE but weather dependant

- Meeting at Sognsvann T-bane station
- Challenge march to Store Åklungen
- 3 hour Systema workshop with topics: "Escaping grabs and holds and sweeping opponent off balance"
- Picnic, free time, return back whenever you like

You will need:
Clothes that you don't care if it gets dirty or green from grass.
Your own food and drinks.
Interest for outdoor activities and learning self defence.


15  Disipliner / Andre / Re: Systema i Norge on: 17.07.14 at 14:36:19
Hello Agandhjin, yes absolutely. Here are some of Systema work when knife is around

Best example is (as always) Vladimir Vasiliev

Here is a little bit of work by instructor that is coming for this workshop, me and Erez from France. I am the one with white vertical stripe on dark blue pants.

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