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Selvforsvar, vold og ego.

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« on: 11.02.13 at 19:41:51 »

Jeg tenkte egentlig å poste dette i "Selvforsvar - løpe vekk"-tråden.
Men jeg synes dette er såpass bra skrevet og såpass viktig at det er verdt en egen tråd.

Dette er klippet fra et intervju med Richard Dimitri hvor han snakker nettopp om selvforsvar og ego.
Det som jeg spesielt liker er hvordan dette går utover rent selvforsvar og har med personlig vekst og utvikling å gjøre.

When dealing with aggressive people, we are dealing with their egos. If we reply with aggression in return, we are then replying with our own egos. Most people have a hard time differentiating their egos from their higher selves. Simply stated, the ego harbors all negative forms of emotions such as hate, irrational fear, jealousy, anger, rage, guilt, revenge, all personal insecurities, envy, greed, selfishness, self appointed ‘hero’ or ‘voice’ of the perceived ‘underdog’ etcetera. Hence the terms “egocentric”, “egomaniac” and so on.

The higher self on the other hand only knows love, peace, caring, empathy, forgiveness, understanding, giving, living, etc. hence the term “collective-centric”.

One works for itself while the other works for the greater good of all. And every single human being on earth possesses both aspects within them. Which one overpowers the other? The one we choose to nurture. Pretty simple mathematics but people love to complicate shit for the sake of it. For instance:

Religion refers to these as God and Devil. Star Wars refers to it as the dark side and the force. In certain Asian cultures, it’s referred to as the Yin and the Yang, the light and the dark; in Indian cultures, as the white wolf and the black wolf inside of us all while most people refer to it as general good and evil, angel and devil if you will…

When one is in their “ego”, one is more often than not unaware of it. Hence the saying “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is in making us believe he didn’t exist.”

Most people do not realize they’re in their egos.  Some do realize it and snap out of it, some are told and then make the realization, some realize it much later (ever say or do things you’ve later regretted? A direct product of ego). Some never realize it; they are forever enslaved by their egos. They are miserable inside, exude misery and produce misery around them regardless of how well they may mask it to the outside world as they most usually do with exaggerated portrayals of the exact opposite.

The ego wants, no, the ego Demands, Desires and Deserves! The ego will not be controlled or told what to do from anyone!  The ego is always right!  The ego is ready to fight, kill or die for what it believes so passionately and defines to yourself as justice, pride and honor which are nothing more than clever disguises for fear, insecurity and anger.


Honor is about ego, period. In this case, ego and honor has a high percentage of getting one’s loved ones hurt, injured or killed because of pride; another factor of ego. Pride, honor, justice; all words that have long been associated to heroes and warriors via marketing and media no less. The reality is, they are products of the ego, disguises of fear, insecurity and festering anger of which the ripple effects of their manifestations are much more negative than they’re ever positive. And they lead to the need for more pride, honor and justice…at what cost?


The ability to defuse and walk away takes greater personal strength and higher level of human evolution to do without walking away feeling like you lost something or were somehow taken advantage of. Because the truth is, the reality is, we are indeed our own worst enemies.  Too many people relinquish their emotions to exterior forces, blaming circumstances for how they feel, not being accountable for their own feelings, their own emotions, their own choices and the results of their chosen actions. If more people truly owned their lives, we’d have a much less violent world to live in.


Again, accountability. People once again relinquish themselves to exterior forces. Owning one’s emotions allows one to choose how they feel rather than allow exterior circumstances to dictate how they should feel and succumbing to that.


Those who will have an issue with this need to grasp that their issue is self-related, it’s their own ego which is having the problem.


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« Reply #1 on: 12.02.13 at 07:04:18 »

Her var det mange forskjellige traader jeg har forhold til, som ble knyttet isammen. Straalende skrevet!

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If you think you can, or can not, you are right..
« Reply #2 on: 12.02.13 at 10:56:19 »

Veldig bra skrevet! Be ego free!  biggrin

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It's okay - he's in a happy place now.
« Reply #3 on: 12.02.13 at 11:52:41 »

Glimrende, rett og slett! Enkelt i teorien, vanskelig i praksis. Som det meste som er verd å lære seg smile

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