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What is your background in RBSD?

Simon Flack
Survival Stress Response Trainer
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« on: 20.10.09 at 17:49:06 »

I guess I should start seeing as though I started the thread.

I first became interested in RBSD in a period when I was looking into JKD and BJJ back in 1995. Before this I had been training primaily Karate and Jujutsu. Bruce Lee's approach of looking for the "root"/"truth" of combat by studying and comparing the various martial arts just appealed to me and I began by taking a good look at my current technical skills in relation to how I had fought in actual physical confrontations.

I quickly discovered that I was using only a very small portion of  over a decades worth of training and began thinking that maybe I was spending my time on all the wrong stuff. I also signed up for military service around this time and soon became introduce to the tools and targets approach of Unarmed and Close Quarter Combat training. After a few bar fights I noticed that this style of training actually stuck and I was using all the new stuff I was being taught.

This inspired me to abandon the JKD approach and follow a more military combined with BJJ style. I soon began reading and following the work of people like Tony Blauer, Marc Animal McYoung, Jim Wagner etc etc... This soon led me back to Rex Applegate and William Fairburn.

I continued on a pretty much unarmed combat  and BJJ influenced path until I stumbled across the work of Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman and Bruce K. Siddle regarding Adrenal Stress and Sympathetic Nervous System Activation.
This stuff just hit me like a train. It matched my personal experiences with violent confrontation perfectly. This was what I was missing!!!

This led me back to the drawing board and I systematically removed the majority of the techniques contained within SECA that I felt would be unlikely to be useful when considering the effects and limitations of SNS Activation.

The question on my mind now was: "How do you train in order to minimize the effects of stress as well as learn techniques that can be applied under stressful conditions?" So again I looked back at my experience and how military training seemed to work in both these areas. So I looked into the theories and psychology behind military training and came across the concepts of Stress Conditioning and Scenario Training (aka Military Exercises). Not to mention the idea of "Actions On" and pre-planned responsive tactics

All this ended up being mashed together as SECA's Adrenal Stress Scenario Training and Stop, Drop/Disengage, Assess and Respond.

At the moment I am currently working with my girlfriend and ART (Aggression Replacement Training) trainer to integrate ART concepts into SECA. Something I hope to present at Dan T's Reality Check.

I think I managed to jam most of it in... there are some other influences but this is the main stuff.

Otherwise I am interested in all RBSD work being done around the world and I try to follow as much of it as possible.

So what about you guys?


To make this open to more people we can expand the thread to:
What is your background or interest in RBSD?
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Simon Flack
Senior Instructor, SECA-Group,Norway
web: www.seca-group.com,email: simon@seca-group.com
« Reply #1 on: 20.10.09 at 23:02:45 »

Jeg trente Karate og var ellers på fritiden ganske opptatt av selvforsvar.

Jeg hadde en periode en liten samling RBSD bøker, hovedsakelig Fairbairn, Applegate og relaterte forfattere. Hadde også de to første Carl Cestari videoene.

Brukte mye tid på å henge ute på diverse forumer. Hadde av og til en treningspartner som hadde grønt belte i Judo, erfaring som dørvakt, samt et vekterkurs med combatives type selvforsvarsteknikker. 

Fant etter hvert ut at det å ha en samling nærkampmanualer og diverse utstyr, ikke var så veldig sosialt akseptabelt i mitt relativt kjedelig middelklassemiljø. Har en lang periode anstrengt meg for å virke mer "normal". 
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